Driving with no Oil is a Bad Idea, But How Long Until it Pops?

Sometimes, when your car needs a little bit of maintenance, some of it might be able ...

Sometimes, when your car needs a little bit of maintenance, some of it might be able to be let go as you could probably get away with skipping out on certain things and putting them off. However, other things might go down under your hood that should definitely be paid attention to almost immediately when they come due. When it comes to the condition of your motor oil, it’s definitely something that you might want to pay attention to. After all, it does lubricate a whole bunch of crucial parts under your hood and could potentially lead to catastrophic failure if you aren’t careful enough as to maintain the condition and level of the thick liquid.

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Even though we do now that it’s a safe practice to make sure that your oil is in line, what will happen if you fail to take care of such an important task? Would your car just keep on moving for a while or would it quit immediately? After all, according to the video here, somewhere in the ballpark of 20% of vehicles on the road today don’t have the proper amount of good oil their engine for regular operation. This time, we dive into these concepts to find out exactly what’s going on under your hood when you fail to keep your oil in good shape.

Down in the video below, we watch as a car is run out of oil to see how bad the catastrophic failure strikes! I would be willing to bet that there are more people than not who are either a little bit behind on an oil change or perhaps are operating incorrectly when it comes to important things like this. Maybe a video like this one might be a good thing to remember if you’re thinking about changing oil and possibly delaying a little bit.


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