They Strapped a Rocket To Their Toilet… Ends Badly!

If you’ve ever watched the guys over at Nitro Circus, this article definitely ...

If you’ve ever watched the guys over at Nitro Circus, this article definitely doesn’t need any introduction as to what you can probably expect for a stunt involving a toilet and “rocket propulsion.” However, if you haven’t seen these guys in action, they’re basically all about carrying out crazy stunts whether they’d be official, on some sort of dirt bike in a professional format or off-the-wall in a more amateur style like we see here. Sometimes with the low-budget stunts end up being a lot more fun as the possibility of craziness is a lot higher.

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This time, it’s definitely one of those low-budget charades that ends up being a ton of fun. Of all of the candidates that could do it, Streetbike Tommy might be one of the best and this time, he’s slapping on some safety gear and hopping on a toilet that might be the fastest in the world in order to go for a little bit of a thrill ride. However, it actually ends pretty badly as the rig ends up falling apart with Tommy on top of it.

If you follow along below, you’ll watch as Tommy sits atop the golden throne and holds on for dear life as the method of propulsion is initiated and ends up flying straight off of the contraption and taking out an entire sign. I’m pretty sure that isn’t how they envisioned this one but it certainly called for quite a hilarious time and some really contagious laughter to go along with it!

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