2018 Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione Mule Testing HARD On The Track!!

Just… Watch and listen.Enter for your chance to win this GTS viper or $50,000 in ...

Just… Watch and listen.

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There are plenty of cars out there that look, run, and sound amazing, but as far as production rides go, Ferrari’s FXX has to be way up the list for most any gearhead out there. No matter how die hard your loyalty may be to some other brand, you cannot deny that this car looks and sounds like a full-on race car, and there’s good reason for that.

The 2018 FXX K Evoluzione shown in the video below is the automaker’s test mule, and the driver is putting it through the wringer around the legendary Monza Circuit. There are only a few small changes to the 2018 model, at least as far as we can tell from the video. It looks like there’s a new rear wing and some tweaks to the car’s ultra-cool and completely functional aerodynamic devices. With the black and white “camo” wrap, it’s hard to tell for sure if there have been any other changes made to the exterior. There hasn’t been any other information released about what may have been changed as far as engine output, but there are likely a few changes in the powertrain to pump horsepower and make the car just a little quicker than the previous model, considered by many to be the best sounding car Ferrari has ever built.

We especially love the transmission and the incredibly snappy gear changes, the way the engine pops and gurgles on deceleration, and the wicked glow from the rotors under heavy braking, easily visible even in the daylight. Even if it ins’t your “cup of tea”, there’s no denying this is an insanely badass car, practically a race car built for the streets. We know we would love to get our hands on one and see what it does on the streets of San Diego!

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